Sunday, August 14, 2011

No More School Supplies and All Grown Up!

Watching everyone scurry around buying school supplies this weekend made me realize that for the first time in 19 years, I did not have a child in regular school. I felt like I ran into a brick wall. Where did the time go? How could my children have grown up so fast? Then I thought about how thankful I was that I wasn't running around everywhere trying to find items on the long supply lists. Buying school supplies is something I always dreaded when my children were in school. I mean...what in the world were some of these teachers thinking? Apparently they didn't have to go out and try to find supplies when every other mother in the city was doing the same thing. It was always a nightmare!

However, the beginning of  new school year always made me sad because it meant that my children were one year closer to growing up...going to college...and leaving home. I'll admit that when EG's daddy left for college, I had separation anxiety in the worst way. I was a basket case. I don't know how Farmer Boo and Baby Chef survived. I'm sure they thought I was crazy and probably counted the days until they could leave. When the day came for Farmer Boo to go to college, EG's Daddy enlisted in the Army and was in basic training in Georgia. I was beginning to think my children were deliberately trying to drive me crazy! I had them at home all these years and they were all leaving, what was I supposed to do with myself? Before Baby Chef left home about two months ago, I thought, they will all be gone and now what will I do?

My friends whose children have grown up and moved on say I'll be fine. I'm sure in time I will.  I've heard parents say that they can't wait until their children grow up because they won't have to worry what their kids are doing or what kind of trouble they're getting into. I could have waited forever because it doesn't get just have a completely new set of worries!

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Clairee Belcher

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