Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy September!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I'm so far behind in posting. September has been a very busy month. I started the month in NC with Baby Chef. We had a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed birthday celebration for her birthday and I met some of her friends, which eased my mind about her being so far away. Here are a few pictures from the party.

The Beautiful Birthday Girl!

Baby Chef flew back home with me and I got to spend 9 more days with her! We had a great time but she was very busy with school work.

The first week of September, I was in charge of a steak dinner our booster club hosts every year before our first home football game. We served 307 people which is one of the best turn outs we've had in a long time. We also won our game which made the night even more special.

I've been extremely busy at work too! We have 3 major trials coming up - 1 starting tomorrow, 1 in October and 1 in November. The past few afternoons I've spent in the basement of our courthouse doing research. The basement is a place I'd rather not visit. It's dark and creepy and I'd rather not go there alone except for Friday when I was struggling with these huge books that looked like something from a Harry Potter movie - complete with dust and bugs! I had to take twelve years worth of books from shelves, find the documents I needed, take the book apart (which was the hard part because some were so old, I had to either take a hammer to mash the prongs down to get the covers off, or put the book in the floor and stand on the prongs), and finally make copies. I worked on this for most of Friday afternoon and started back again yesterday afternoon when I ran into a serious propblem - I couldn't get the last 4 years books apart, which meant I would have to walk up the stairs with my "Harry Potter" size book (they were almost as big as I am) and try to get them on the copier to make copies. I'm sweating, saying bad words in my head, and I'm on a mission to find some pliers or any other type of tool I can get my hands on, because there's no way I can carry another book up the stairs. As luck would have it I finally find some pliers and I'm turning with all I have trying to get the book apart, when one of the ladies from the clerk's office offers her help. I explain to her that I can't get the prongs off and there's no way I can carry another book. I must have looked and sounded like some crazed lunatic. She pats my arm and tells me "You poor thing....you'll never get those open like that. Didn't someone tell you there's a key?" She pulled the "key" which also looked like something from a Harry Potter movie from her pocket, sticks it in the end of the book binding and the top came right off! Needless to say I felt like an idiot. I hugged her big and I'll be bringing her homemade brownies tomorrow : )

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