Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Work - Never a Dull Moment!

Hey ya'll! It's been a busy couple of months! April was filled with EG's Daddy's birthday, my cousin's wedding, and Gma had a mini stroke, but is doing fine. May has been filled with preparing for our local high school's annual athletic banquet for 125 people, baking not 1 but 2 graduation cakes, another wedding, and just regular every day stuff. Oh...and 8:30 to 5 work which leads me to write this post.

I'm a paralegal and I've worked at the same firm for almost 14 years. In my office, there are 2 attorneys, another legal secretary (Cake Lady), and me. I really love my job for all its demands, frustrations, and rewards (yes, there are rewards for working in a law office). As with any other job, some days are better than others. When you work in a law office, you hear all kinds of stories. One of the craziest stories I was told was when I first started working there, and a man wanted to sue his employer for making him work outside because he was allergic to bees...the man worked on a farm. Another funny story was when a man called and wanted to sue a beer company because he threw up from drinking beer. I couldn't help myself and asked how much beer he drank. When he said 16, I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.

Today Cake Lady and I both had the privilege/misfortune of talking to a lady that was determined she should be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. When asked why she felt she was disabled she originally told me - because them voices in my head be tellin me to do stuff. After my 2 minute conversation with her, my patience was shot so Cake Lady gets on the phone and asks her the same standard questions. Her response to Cake Lady why she needed to be on disability was because she has hallucinations. Nex question - Do you have a medical diagnosis? No. Why do you have hallucinations? From smoking weed. After that response, the boyfriend in the background yells  don't be tellin them how crazy you is! At this point Cake Lady is having a hard time remaining professional and thankfully the conversation ended.

The thing to remember, in any job, is to laugh. Believe it or not someone out there IS worse off than you! I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Girl, I bet we could write a book with all of the funny stories from the "lawsuits" people have wanted to file over the years! Thank you for making me smile this morning. :)

  2. I know you have some that are crazier than this one! So happy I could make you smile!