Saturday, December 10, 2011


Lately, I've been thinking about Christmas' past. One Christmas sticks out in my mind because it was a Christmas of confessions. Of course my children chose to confess their sins AFTER they were grown so they couldn't get into trouble.

Our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve night right before midnight so that everyone (except me) can sleep in on Christmas Day. We started doing this when Farmer Boo shared that he didn't think there was a Santa.

A few years ago we were opening gifts and EG's Daddy looked up and said remember the first year Mom let us stay home alone during Christmas break and we talked Baby Chef into opening all the gifts and rewrapping them? Farmer Boo and Baby Chef started laughing! I had never known all these years that they had done that! I remember the year very well and they acted so surprised!
What good actors I raised!

I'm sure they've done a lot more things than I care to know about. There's one thing I've decided....There are just some things moms don't EVER need to know.

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