Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up!

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! Baby Chef and a few others have been fussing at me for my blog hiatus. So I'll catch you up on my life since the end of June. I've painted my living room - not once but twice because I didn't like the color. I also painted the hall, kitchen/dining room. I've made 20 dozen cupcakes and 9 cakes for various birthdays. Gma has been in the hospital twice. Gma also competed in what I call the "Old Lady Beauty Pageant." She won queen for the skilled care facililty where she is and she also won best smile and she celebrated her 83rd birthday on October 9th.

Gma's funnies-I came in to visit Gma one afternoon and she was in a panic. I've lost my panties!! I asked did she have any panties on right now. She pulls the waist band out on her pants, looks down, and says Yep! I have some on. I think to myself...this is a good thing! I asked her where she was when she took them off. Gma looks around and said well, I think I was here in the room (Thank goodness!!). I begin to look around the room for the missing panties. Finally, after several minutes of looking, Gma stands up and I see them! She had been sitting on them the entire time!
That's all for now....hope everyone has a great week!

"The Queen"